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Whether you are interested in photographing children, beautiful ladies, wild animals, flowers or sunsets, there are some real tricks which can help you to capture just the right image you’re after. Some people genuinely believe that they are not photogenic (and with good reason!), but it’s often more to do with the end result of the photographer than the subject matter.

Photographing Children

Children grow up so fast don’t they, and what better way to capture life’s special little moments than by an armful of photograph albums. Have you noticed how parents have lots more photographs of their first born than any following siblings? It doesn’t seem fair, but I’m sure that many parents are the same as “yours truly”, with a day by day, week by week record of first babies first few years of life, and a handful of snaps of other children’s birthdays, group photos and christmas. There’s nothing you can do about it, it’s just the way of things. Anyway, professional photographers know that the children’s market is a very lucrative one. What better gift could any Grandparents worth their salt wish for than a group of sweetly smiling grandchildren, scrubbed to within an inch of their lives and sitting still long enough to keep their new clothes clean? Of course, professional photographers will also tell you that photographing children is an art form. Children get bored very quickly, so you’ve got to be quick, and they also have an inner sense about adults who genuinely like them, and those who are just trying to manipulate them. Photographers who don’t have a genuine love of kids might as well forget it, no matter how many cuddly toy hand puppets they wave at their bored and suspicious subjects.

Photographing Pretty Girls

One thing which can give you a real sense of satisfaction is taking a great photograph of a pretty girl who actually wants to be photographed. There are many models and would-be models who like nothing more than to get all dolled up, hair, make-up, glad rags, action and pose and pout for the photographer. The best way to measure your success is whether the girl actually likes the photos or not, that’s really the only way to tell. If she thinks you’ve made her look fat, forget it and stick to real estate. Some models are obviously more talented at posing than others, but basically the bottom line is to build a rapport with the model, and for everyone to be completely relaxed. A happy, relaxed, confident model will shine through on the photographs – really, I’m not kidding.

Photographing Fido

Ok, we’ve covered the kids and the pretty teenage girls, what comes next, the pets. We are a nation of animal lovers and many of us like nothing more than to capture a few images of our pets in action, but it can be pretty tricky to really capture the essence and character of our playful pups. You see, contrary to what you might secretly believe they are not human, they do not understand every word you say and they don’t really have any idea of what’s going on. How many times have you seen your pets to be in a situation of looking particularly cute, you tiptoe to fetch the camera, you carefully line up your shot and – bingo – they sit up and look at you with a “what on earth are you doing” look on their faces. Darn, missed it again. Black dogs are particularly difficult to photograph, you can’t even see their faces properly. Dogs do come in many different colors so it’s important to try and get a background color which will really help your four legged friend stand out.

One good trick is to really tire your dog out (take him for a long walk or something, go on, you’ll both enjoy it), then, when you get back home, just as he is falling asleep in his bed, before he gets to a deep sleep and the “chasing rabbits” stage, squeak his favorite toy – that way he won’t really be bothered to move far but should sit up and look interested, just for a while anyway. Grab the opportunity with both hands while he’s looking alert but too tired to run around. You’ll get the best results from photos taken at their level, so you might have to lay down on your stomach for this one, if you can manage that without being jumped on.

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